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Five members, nonetheless winds up defeated and jailed by the Titans at the episode's conclusion. This was demonstrate in the episode "Real Magic," where Robin ends up becoming a really good stage magician, which irritates Raven to no end while also, she notes, angering the Magic God. This article may be written from a fan's point of viewrather than a neutral point of view. Still needing Cyborg and Beast Boy 's passwords, Blood lures them to the warehouse as well and succeeds in capturing them, but the plot hits a snag when—as the episode's title suggests—Cyborg and Beast Boy are in the midst of a challenge in which the two can only say "waffles. Garth comics.

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She is eventually freed from her shackles as well, and uses her jinxing powers to un-anchor their Bumper Cars to lead police on a wild, destructive chase through the city.

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After Robin becomes enamored with the concept of a "Power Move" in said episode, he works with Cyborg to merge other things of theirs, one such combination taking place between Cyborg's high-tech motherboard and one of Robin's ordinary Birdarangs. Cinderblock is a large, living, super-strong concrete monster, and was also the first villain character to appear in the original Teen Titans series. Raven secretly exposes Terra's plot to Beast Boy, who serenades Terra once she launches her attack. Slade is a masked supervillain and the archenemy of the Teen Titans, having his first speaking appearance as the main antagonist in Teen Titans Go! Five's most common exploit from episode to episode involves their robbing of a bank, which is often immediately foiled once the Teen Titans arrive to stop them. This suspicion is confirmed by several scenes throughout the episode showing her hypnotizing other patrons in the shop and leading them into the kitchen. It can't speak, but it can play music on its own, and it loves to dance.

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