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I have a special red plaid two-person beach towel that I keep discreetly under the edge of the bed. What are the best ways to get bloodstains out of sheets? Pop Culture. Do you want to proceed? I've since gotten better about not thinking about that, and keep my thoughts on my boyfriend and not the sheets or the situation. Some positions might be uncomfortable when you have sex during your period. Do you need to use condoms while having sex on your period?

Many women claim to be more turned on and feel more sensitive around this time, leading to an increase in pleasure when stimulated.

6 Things Everyone Believes About Period Sex That Are Absolutely Not True

Chances are he won't be against more sex, period or not. Free adult sex education videos from Erika Lust. My current boyfriend is pro-period sex and he isn't fazed by the fact that I also want to do it on my period, but other guys that I've been with were a bit shocked that I wasn't grossed out by it. Specializes in female physiology, endocrine disorders, neurology, menopause therapy, fitness, nutrition. This is so that during the act of horizontal naked dancing, your mind can focus on the fun rather than whether the mattress is going to look like a scene from Carrie.


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